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Peter & Ambros

Peter and Ambrose 12 and 7 your old are brothers, lives in a village close to Wakisi in Uganda. before Peter was born his mother knew she had HIV, before even she got pregnant with him, it was a terrifying fact that she had to hide even from her husband and everyone she knew . Nevertheless, she became pregnant with Peter and transferred her disease to him . After 5 years more she gave birth to another child. Ambrose, also inherited her disease. then both parents died of HIV and left them to their grandmother. Mother-to-child transmission of HIV during pregnancy, delivery or breastfeeding cab be prevented. The use of HIV medicines and other strategies have helped to lower the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, pregnant woman should take medication before and after being pregnant Babies born to women with HIV should be immediately separated from the mother and receive medicines for 4 to 6 weeks after birth. The medicines reduce the risk of infection from any HIV that may have entered a baby's body during childbirth. A child living with HIV may be underweight because of loss of appetite because of drug treatments. That's why it's important that children living with HIV have proper nutrition, live and sleep in a very hygienic environment. unfortunately that's not the case with Peter and Ambrose. and that's all they need , constant care, medication, proper place to sleep with a mosquito net. food and many other necessary things. Spreading enough awareness and taking caution in hospitals can save many children from this disease.

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