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Her Against Life (Ongoing Project)

Bricks Industry is one of the informal/unorganized industries in India. The industry employs millions of workers. Big number of the workers is women. They live at the work place provided by the employer with their children and husbands, usually all the family participate in the same job even children are involved too starting from the age 3 or 4. Those who are too young to work just sit there close to the mother to be watched while she’s working. The process of making the bricks starts at dawn and goes on until they finish stacking a reasonable number of bricks. The more bricks made the more money earned per day. Four different categories of workers maintain the works in the factory, women usually are part of preparing raw bricks Making the raw bricks requires a skill that not all workers venture to do. Half of the workers in that category are women, they deal with huge amount of clay while preparing bricks they mix water in the clay, fill up the disk then level it by the hands then rotate, and that goes on and on all day starting from dawn sometimes until night only couple of short breaks in between Some women participate in the group of drivers for loading and uploading the bricks to take it to a truck or the consumer.That sometimes turns into a race between groups to load more bricks fast for few rupees on each round. Although a single woman can do all the work of preparing bricks, but if it was a family then work is divided between each member of it and that includes their children as well. Women workers are not upgraded to be skilled worker as men, and they are not earning the same amount of money that men make but that’s because the process of making the bricks holds other tough stages which men are more skilled for, the level of difficulty is higher

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