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Warrior M

In a city that is fast and filled with potential, pushing yourself to make your dreams come true isn't easy! Fierce competition to survive. Mohamed Fazal the 23 years old from Hyderabad is one such a person, who is passionate about wrestling started when he was 15 years old in India. He was taking part in other sports activities in school such as Judo and often won many titles, but wrestling for him isn't just another sport ,it's about honor, strength and meditation.

"Don't give me money or food; keep me wrestling" - words from Mohammed to keep him going with his love for this form of sport, held every Friday after a strenuous work during week days. After he finished his study in business administration in India, he decided to explore other countries, that's how Dubai happened to be his second home. Mohamed's observation of the machines and big equipment in his father's workshop in India led him to his current job now in Dubai as a mechanic, but he was keen to pursue his dream of becoming a champion, he started searching for places where he could go on with his practice until he found it in Deira, close to Fish market, This was where the weekly Kushti or Pehlwani happens, which is a form of wrestling known in the culture of South Asia, originated in India.

Although hundreds of mostly Pakistani resident workers in Dubai come from around Deira fish market area after a week of hard work here to satisfy their thirst for excitement & action. Mohamed, considered to be the youngest and the only Indian wrestler I have seen there during the month of my shooting.

Practice and Training is an act of meditation to Mohamed, wrestling lives in his heart and breath.

All fighters are comrades, they go to the same location where the battle is on every day, in this very dark spot to practice and develop endurance. The fights are similar to what one would witness for real, the difference being actual ones with difference being the learning tips and from the coach.

Big heavy bricks are tied up with a rope, they wrap the rope around their neck and then drag them back and forth during practice.

Spraying water all over the battle spot to keep it moist, to avoid dust scatter.

Cauliflower Ear, occurs most frequently in people who participate in close-contact sports, such as wrestling or boxing. The most common cause of it is a hit to the ear or repeated hits to the ear, which leads to Hematomas. It's the trade mark of being a professional wrestler, Mohamed consider himself lucky to have this scar, indeed he feels proud about it.

Mohamed and all other wrestlers take this very serious, just like their jobs - I've never seen Mohamed smile while sporting. Where does he smile? At home. These are only reserved for his proud grandparents who support him heartily, to be what he is today!


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