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Hands & Tools

That is one of the oldest areas in Alexandria, where you can find many crafts done by their bare hands, In a time where technology replaced people with machines. The people work there from morning till night in their own workshops which they consider as home too. They are a bit isolated from the world that WE know. They don’t allow you to photograph them unless they trust you. I was just lucky to have a good friend with me whom they trusted, By the second time we went there they kept asking me to take thier pictures which I was honored to do. I was fascinated by the extremity at work ,their patience and dedication in what they love to do, I was fascinated by the amount of risk they take doing what they are doing, I also was fascinated by how long I have been living in this city and I never knew about that place although it’s not very far from where I lived. In here there are 3 different crafts, first one is about metal casting in the foundry, where they make the small things that we never wonder how it’s done like water tapes, door naps drawers handle and other metal items used in decoration for example. second is wood crafts that used for decoration as well, and that requires a talent and attention to details. Third is how they make the Arabic Tabla “ also known as Draborka” , it’s a kind of percussion instrument and it is one of the most important and basic instruments in Arabic and oriental music in general , It is believed that it is made and exported only from Egypt now. It doesn't matter what job you're taking, If you are doing it proudly with heart and passion whatever risk comes with it, Then It becomes a unique art even if you are not defined as an artist !

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