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Chuan & Dong

Love, perhaps is a phenomenon that keeps the human race going. As of today, in a world where love or relationships are short lived or in other words the concept of growing old together is long forgotten. What if a couple happened to be living together for the past 60 years, taking care of each other. Most of all, having gone through different stages of life, not leaving each other during bad times and instead being there for one another: this is Chuan (93) and Dong (87) from a small village named Phu Lang in Que Vo district (Vietnam). They’ve given me the hope that true love still exists in universe, one reason I have found for further living on this planet.

To carry on their legacy – they’ve been blessed with six children (two daughters and four sons). They’ve raised them to be doctors, teachers and farmers, not to forget the fact they’ve trained them to take on life in a way beneficial for the society and their family.

Chuan has been an Agricultural Engineer, while Dong worked as a secretary in state office before they retired. Soon after their retirement they wanted to go back to their childhood village, Phu Lang, while their children live away in cities except for one, although he lives close by but they both preferred to live only together alone – they’ve been together here since then. They’re each other’s home.

I experienced a positive vibe inside their home. The welcome was so warm that language and culture was never a barrier, and never could be. The couple cooperated in the best way possible for me to make my shots, though Chuan couldn’t speak much – he did give me a compassionate encouragement. The reason for this, one of their sons is a photographer by passion. I’m sure they saw their son in me.

Chuan is living his passion by writing poems, all of them dedicated to his beloved Dong. It’s not about the years or days you live with a person, it’s all about how much you’re willing to be there for each other, giving expecting noting.

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